Italian students visit the Paskus-Danziger Rare Book Room

March 5, 2009

Close to 30 students from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, Italy toured the Paskus-Danziger Rare Book Room on March 4, 2008, during their visit to the Yale Law School. The students are jointly enrolled in the legal studies program at the University of Pisa.

After viewing our exhibit, The Flowering of Civil Law: Early Italian City Statutes in the Yale Law Library, they came into the Rare Book Room to see more of our Italian legal treasures. These included one of the first books printed in Naples, Tractatus seu apparatus de testibus by Albericus de Maletis (1471); a collection of portraits of early Italian jurists, Antoine Lafrery’s Illustrium jureconsultorum imagines (1566); Friar Paolo Attavanti’s Breviarium totius juris canonici (Milan, 1479), the first printed book with a portrait of the author; Antonino Ganini’s Il legista versificante (Naples, 1752), an elementary legal textbook in verse; Comentario sul codice criminale d’Inghilterra (Milan, 1813), an Italian translation of Book IV of Blackstone’s Commentaries; and Nuovo codice della strada (Milan, 1959), the Italian traffic code with humorous cartoons by the French illustrator Albert Dubout.

We had a great time. Thanks to all those who made the visit possible: Marina Santilli (Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School); Caterina Sganga and Andrea Bertolini (LLM students at Yale Law School and graduate students at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna); and my Law Library colleagues Teresa Miguel, Dan Wade, Ryan Harrington, and Evelyn Ma.


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