L1 Book Display: Showcasing the Harold D. Lasswell Collection

October 26, 2021

The New Haven School of International Law is a contemporary theoretical and methodological approach aimed at analyzing public international law through a policy-oriented perspective. This approach was founded by faculty of the Yale Law School, notably Professors Myles S. McDougal, Harold D. Lasswell, and Michael M. Reisman, in the 1960’s. Professor Lasswell, (February 13, 1902-December 18, 1978) joined the faculty of Yale Law School in 1946 as Professor of Law. This marked the beginning of his enduring collaboration with Professor McDougal in teaching, research and contributions to legal and political theory.

On display are seminal works by Professor Lasswell, a sampling of books from Professor’s Lasswell’s Collection, generously gifted to the Lillian Goldman Law Library by Professor Michael Reisman, and selective articles about the New Haven School of International Law. The complete list of titles in the Collection can be retrieved by searching the phrase “Harold D. Lasswell Collection” in QuickSearch and Morris.

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