Oxford Historical Treaties

October 20, 2014

The library has been given trial access to Oxford Historical Treaties until Friday, November 14th.

Oxford Historical Treaties is the newest addition to Oxford Public International Law and is cross searchable with Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International LawOxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law, and Oxford Reports on International Law.

The first piece of Oxford Historical Treaties is a complete digitization of the comprehensive 231 volume Consolidated Treaty Series complied by Clive Parry.  The Consolidated Treaty Series is an excellent place to find treaties that predate the UN and the League of Nations.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Search by Treaty Party, date, date range or Consolidated Treaty Series (CTS) citation.
  • Browse by Treaty Party or date range.
  • Each Treaty has an introductory paragraph indicating source and available alternative sources.
  • Fully integrated with the Oxford Law Citator to provide additional research options.

Future developments are planned such as including contextual commentaries for specific treaties commissioned by general editor Randall Lesaffer.

For additional guidance, see:

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