Paraguayan President Granted Holy Dispensation

July 29, 2008

In an unprecedented decision the Vatican has granted Paraguayan President-elect Fernando Lugo dispensation of  "all obligations as a priest, as a bishop and as a religious man of the Divine Word" (my translation).  The dispensation by Pope Benedict XVI was formally announced today in Paraguay by Orlando Antonini, Apostalic Nuncio of the Vatican.  Antonini also stated that this decision was reached after several years of research and analysis into Canon Law.

President-elect Lugo resigned from the priesthood in 2006 when he decided to run for president.  His victory in April 2008 ended the 61-year rule of the Partido Colorado in Paraguay.  He will officially take office on August 15, 2008. At the time of his 2006 resignation, he was advised that he might be excommunicated for violating the Vatican's rule against clerical involvement in politics.  Read more...

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