Peace Palace Library Newsletter

November 2, 2012

                 Yale faculty and students can subscribe to the monthly newsletter of the Peace Palace Library, undoubtedly the premier international law library in the world, known not only for its contemporary collection, but also for its historical resources. While much of the newsletter relates to local events such as the commemoration of the 367th birthday of  Hugo Grotius  in Delft or the activities of the Centre for Studies and Research, it also points to valuable research tools, most particularly the research guides developed by the library staff e.g. the history of international law.

               The newsletter also recommends books on given topics, as well as blogs. One can also subscribe to the library’s weekly new acquisition lists. The Yale Law Library studies these religiously, and orders many of the titles noted. In addition, the newsletter has interesting features,  such as interviews of notable scholars of international law, e.g.  Professor Masahuru Yanagihara, President of the Japanese Society of International Law and Professor of International Law at Kyushu University.  

                                                                                                    Dan Wade

                                                                       Curator of the Foreign and International Law Collection



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