Summer Access to Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg Law

April 19, 2016

Summer Access to Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg



Continuing Students: In order to have full summer access to Westlaw, continuing students will need to extend your passwords. Look for the registration banner once you log in to Westlaw.


Summer password extension is available only if a student has a permissible academic use for the password this summer such as:

  • School-related work or for school credit
  • Law review and journal, including write-on competitions
  • Moot court
  • Research assistant positions
  • Unpaid internships / externship

Students who do not register for extended summer access will get 60 hours of access per month in June and July and full access in August.


Graduating Students: Graduating students may extend access while studying for the bar by registering for Grad Elite program. Look for the registration tile once you login to WestlawRegistered students will retain Westlaw access for 60 hours through November 30th 2016. 

If you have questions about Westlaw summer access, please contact our Westlaw representative, Estee Waxman.


No registration for summer access is required if you already have a registered Lexis Advance ID.

Continuing students: Continuing students will have free and unlimited Lexis Advance access this summer.  Registration is not required and there are no restrictions on the use of your law school IDs.


Graduating Students: Graduating students will have access through their law school IDs through December 31st 2016.  You may register for Lexis ASPIRE Program, which will permit job-related access to Lexis Advance for the duration of your public interest work, even if beyond December, 2016.  


For questions and assistance, please contact our LexisNexis representative, Meredith Shuman.


All registered students will have unlimited Bloomberg access during summer. Graduating students will have unlimited and unrestricted Bloomberg access for 6 months following graduation. If you have questions about Bloomberg Law summer access, please contact our Bloomberg Law representative Jed Lewin


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