Targeted Killings and Drone Attacks

February 21, 2013

Recent employment of drones for the purpose of targeted killings has generated much debate regarding the legality and morality of the practice.  While some lawmakers believe that judicial review  is required in light of due process concerns, others remain skeptical.

In addition to the wealth of information available online:

CRS reports on the U. S. drone program:

The Law Library also possesses many reference volumes on this topic:

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Select journal articles in Encore:

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Subject headings to use searching Morris, Orbis, WorldCat:

  • Drone aircraft. 
  • Aeronautics -- Law and legislation
  • Extrajudicial executions
  • Targeted killing (International law)
  • Combatants and noncombatants (International law)
  • War on Terrorism, 2001-2009 -- Moral and ethical aspects
  • War -- Moral and ethical aspects
  • Humanitarian law
  • War (International law)




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