Will the Doha Round Break Down?

April 22, 2011

The Doha Development Round is the most current round of negotiations out of the World Trade Organization.  The objective of the round is to lower trade barriers, but because the round has been continuing since November 2011, there are murmurs that the WTO might take some alternative measures to salvage the progress that has already been made.

Aside from your traditional news sources, the library subscribes to some publications such as the International Trade Reporter.  These trade reporters are terrific for monitoring current events, and they are also tremendous resources for following a discrete topic and for looking for information from a specific jurisdiction. 

The reporters are not limited to trade.  We subscribe to the Environmental Law Reporter as well as the Investment Arbitration Reporter, just to name a few.  While these are often geared towards practitioners, they make a terrific place for students who are looking for paper topics. 


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