John Nann

Senior Librarian for Research, Instruction, and Collection Services and Lecturer in Legal Research
John Nann
Phone number
+1 (203) 432-1259
Office number
Room 314A (L3)

Welcome, I look forward to helping you with your information needs.

I have over thirty-five years experience conducting and teaching legal research in academic law libraries. I am available to work with you on research projects related to almost any area of law and almost any jurisdiction. I am responsible for collecting material related to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and the European Union. My main area of interest is legal history.

I am happy to meet with you to discuss your research.

I am generally on campus on Monday through Thursday and I'm available for Zoom consultations on Friday. My scheduled consultation times are: Tuesdays from 12pm-2pm, Wednesdays from 4pm-6pm, and Thursday from 1pm to 3pm. You can sign up to meet with me at this "Bookings" page.

I am also happy to meet with you at other times. If you would like to meet at a time other than when I offer consultations, please send me an email with some suggestions about time and whether you would like to meet in person or on Zoom. My office is inside the law library, on the third floor directly at the end of the hall to the left of the circulation desk.

I am generally unavailable on Mondays from 2pm-4pm (I will be at the reference desk) and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3pm-6pm (I have class), While I am not free every other hour of the week, if you propose a couple of times, I am sure that we will find a mutually convenient time to meet.

You can also use the the reference contact page to send an email to the central reference email account,, or to make an appointment with one of my reference colleagues.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you with your research needs.