Law360 access for YLS students, faculty and staff

September 8, 2014

Under the law school’s LexisNexis subscription, YLS students, faculty and staff now have access to Law360, an online legal newsletter service for keeping current on legal developments in over 40 practice areas. You can access Law360 either directly via (if you’re on the Yale network), or through Lexis Advance.

Law360 is unique in linking to many of the filed court documents upon which its 175+ daily news articles are based. This is noteworthy because news services like Law360, Courthouse News, and Westlaw’s Court Wire often distribute to their subscribers high-profile court documents (complaints, settlement agreements, etc.) faster than the federal courts are able to load the documents onto PACER, and faster than State courts can make them available on their own online platforms.

Our subscription allows users to set up daily newsletters either by practice area, industry, or geographic region of interest. Instructions on how to set up these newsletters are here.

If you have questions, or would like to learn more about Law360, please contact a reference librarian.

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