Library Tip: Rare Books

September 15, 2014

The Rare Book Collection welcomes students back to YLS! Some students come to the Rare Book Room on L2 to research historical topics; some are doing journal cite-checks; and some are simply curious about the fascinating, significant, and often beautiful books and manuscripts in our collection. Idle curiosity is a legitimate research need! Appointments are not required, but they help us to help you. Email me if you would like to visit:

You can visit many of the the Rare Book Room treasures virtually as well. Over three thousand images from the Rare Book Collection are available on Flickr: Looking for portraits of legal authors, or images of Lady Justice, or historic courtroom scenes? The Flickr site contains albums for these and many other kinds of images, all taken from volumes in our outstanding Rare Book Collection. All images are public domain; the Law Library only asks that you credit the source and let us know how they were useful to you.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Rare Books Blog for lots of interesting information pertaining to the collection and related exhibits and events.

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