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Library Purchase Suggestions

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Did you know you can suggest items for the Law Library to add to our collection? Is there a movie or TV series you think is relevant to our collection?  Is there a book we missed that belongs in our Law Library?  We already have lots of items on the shelves and in electronic format and we buy new ones all the time. So, if you come across an item in the course of your research that we don’t have and that you think we should own, you can request them one of two ways:

  • Email Fred Shapiro ( and let him know the title, publisher, and publication date, and why you think we should purchase it.

You can also ask that the item be routed to you if we purchase it so that you receive an email to pick it up upon its arrival.

We may not be able to buy everything that’s requested but we will certainly review every suggestion!

Thank you in advance for your ideas.